SIMON SAYS : “Fitness is ABILITY, not image”

Image is superficial. To do fitness purely to look a certain way, is for acknowledgement of others.

Ability, is for acknowledgement of self. To see and reach your potential is the real reward.

1) My PERSONAL belief :

My fitness philosophy is focused on ability, function and striving for betterness.
For myself, it comes from my love of sport and striving to do my best at all things I try, like the athletes I admire.

2) For my CLIENTS :  

The philosophies I pass onto my clients is the same, minus the competitive side, and that is to FOCUS on :

 comes first, fitness second, how you feel & look, third.
Forget about impressing others.
Impress yourself with your abilities.

Know your food.
The more you know, the better choices you will make and the more you’ll think before putting certain foods in your body.

Make your fitness relatable to your life.
Functional movements you do or will use everyday.
Keep it simple and effective.


It’s all about BALANCE. We’re all heard it a thousand times.
The thing is, what’s usually simple, is what works.
Eat a balanced lifestyle (forever) of proteins, fibre and good carbs, plus drink enough water, and you’re bound to maintain it.
Accompanied by a regular active lifestyle that includes some strength and cardio, and again, you’re bound to maintain it.

Educate YOURSELF. The more you know, the better choices you can make.

Look after your bodies with health, and not junk food and alcohol etc.
And simply be active, adventurous or maybe pursue a sport and your body will thank you for preventing old age just that little but longer.

SIMON SAYS : Forget what the world thinks, listen to your body, you only have one. Learn how to best take care of it, through the right teachers and be disciplined enough to live like that everyday for the rest of your days.

(before you read on, for any of my daily posts or ‘lectures’ ha, you can see some of my philosophies in picture form on my PT Instagram page @simonsayspt)

From a little of my early days as a PT, where motivation was the sole tool for inspiring clients, here’s a few smile worthy and typically cheesy lines you may enjoy. I still believe the same, just realise more so now, telling people positive quotes is good, but doesn’t necessarily help everytime. Good old fashioned health & fitness FACT does. But enjoy my positive affirmations none the less
Simon Says: Simply live happy being healthy.
To do this, i believe it’s in finding out who you are and doing what’s best to live your life healthy & positively.
A key i believe to living at our fullest, is knowledge.
With knowledge comes a power, a power to exceed limits and a power to suceed, but something that many of us overlook or cannot see, is the power to appreciate.
Once we acquire knowledge in new areas which we may have previously misunderstood, we can overcome fears or doubts, learn not to judge, understand challenges from new angles, but most of all we can accept ourselves and know it’s simply, who we are.

Second, is to VALUE ourselves. In putting health, fitness, mental state, emotional state, etc etc first, above material possessions, greed, ego, party life etc, we learn to lift ourselves to an area of life, most desire, but cannot see the path. Giving value to important aspects in our lives, help us to achieve more, avoid sickness & experience amazing things life, as we stop saying words like wish, could, would, need etc.. and start doing as we stop holding ourselves back. The only challenge in life is to realise we’re in control and make our own choices that will govern the outcome. For example, friends who approach me, and say that desperately need to do exercise, but are huge party-goers and week-in, week-out spend loads getting wasted.. All i answer with is..
“How much do you value your health at the moment..?” or “who much do you spend on partying compared to your health?”

I myself, have a huge passion for following the martial arts legends Bruce Lee and Jet Li, due to their philosophies, morals & passion for life. Bruce lee having studied philosophy in pursuit of personal perfection, always searching for answers & improvement, inspired me immensely. Recently, one thing Jet said in an interview with NBC about china & the olympics that is simple, but something i have believed myself is, “Discover yourself, Challenge yourself, Do your best”.

As these two stars have become inspirations for me, helping others to find their passions in life, dreaming big and living those dreams in reality, and treating your mind body and soul as a temple, not allowing negativity, drugs etc to ever get in the way of feeling amazing each and every day. I’m not a religious person, but i do believe in having your own beliefs, morals, quests, goals, whatever you like to call them, to inspire yourself to appreciate life, and live life the best way you can.

I have come to find inspiration and motivation through my love of sport, sporting icons, but also movies and any messages i can take from them, I try to apply to my life. Nearly every movie I’ve seen or sport star interviewed, I’ve taken at least one quote that can be used to give more meaning to the things i do, regardless how cheesy (and yes we know there are some) the movie has been.

For example, some great lines i have heard..
Batman Begins – “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up”
Rocky Balboa – “You, me or nobody, will hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward, how much you can take, and keep moving forward”
Patch Adams – “If you focus on the problem, you can’t see the solution. (and) See what no one else sees. See what everyone chooses not to see… out of fear, conformity or laziness. See the whole world anew each day”
The Great Debaters – “I do what i must, so i can do what i like”
Kung Fu Panda – “..You’re too concerned with what was, and what will be..(there’s a saying) Yesterday is history; Tommorrow is a mystery; But today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.”

All of these appeal to me, as they are based on focusing on what’s important at hand, and believing you are always capable. Problems or issues are never worth the worry or stress most of us tend to give them, as I believe it’s like the patch adams analogy, where we are too focused on the problem, rather than focusing on the more positive, which to me, is the solution.
How i believe this relates to our health & fitness, is we are too used to focusing on things like – “I have no time”, “I can’t afford it”, “I can’t be bothered” etc etc.. rather than, “when can I make time”, “how can I put the money aside”, “I want to feel better”.

So ask yourself, what or who, inspires you?
What are you currently doing that maybe isn’t you, and what do you feel you should be doing?
What dreams are you not chasing?
Funny enough, when you are super healthy and super active, you tend to be full of energy and positivity, the ideas start flowing, your dreams start becoming reality, and your desire to succeed chasing them becomes stronger.
If you don’t believe this, maybe try getting healthy and fit.. see what happens? 😉

Feel free to EMAIL ME if you ever want to discuss more on my philosophy on health & fitness, or anything in regards to either.
I’m always up for some good conversation 🙂


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SIMON SAYS GURU QUOTE : 'having Purpose, provides you a path to follow, having None, in circles you will go..'
been awhile since I posted one of my guru rants, but after going to Japan, and seeing such purpose, effort & efficiency etc, it reminded me of Why do we do what we do..
Every motivational post you see these days, from amateur to professional speaker, really focus on the WHY.
If you do things without knowing the why, the question is why do you do it all? And if just 'because', or you 'like it', is it giving off the desired outcome, or are you simply going around in circles..?
Take Health & Fitness, seeing this is a page for that 😏 if you don't fully understand the why (of trying to be fit & healthy), or commit to it, honestly look at the notion of, are you just going in circles?
Train hard for a few days, then have a few bad days, eat bad, drink a bit, etc to only do the same thing, next week, the week after etc etc..
But imagine that cycle was instead you climbing a mountain and at the top was a once in a lifetime view, or maybe it's something more realistic, like building a house, that you can actually pay off, or saving for an amazing trip somewhere..
If you kept making the same errors and started again & again & again.. how would that make you feel about ever reaching that end outcome? Or even continuing with it at all?
Now, if you focused, really understood the PURPOSE of why you are going to do this thing, to get to this outcome.. the path to the outcome becomes so much clearer. It's like being handed a map, or even a map of a maze, and then the path was highlighted.. would you vere off that path, just because?
No chance!
I can admit, I was simply working, playing football, coming up with ideas that never happened, over & over for the last 20 years, I know how stupid that sounds. But only since about June 2017, when I decided, I'm going to Japan, so I'm booking this trip, and really focused on it & made it happen, did I realise having that purpose, also gave me drive, a reason to do what I do, a reason to go to work, and work harder, but the big part was understanding that reason, committing to it and believing in it.
Now, what's next? 😃
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