Q : What’s the best PT option, 1on1 or Group ?
A : One on One is considered the best as it’s more of everything. Quicker results, higher intensity, more focused attention on just you from myself and the fact you can work harder as there are less distractions. Group is just as good, but thought of as the option for those just slowly getting back into some exercise.

Fact : Prevention over Cure
A : It’s a fact, as time goes on, more and more people choose (when it comes to fitness) to wait until they’re overweight, lazy or unmotivated before they take up exercise. Like going to a doctor when they get sick, most don’t opt for exercise until they believe it’s needed, like a cure. Rather, fitness should be a preventative to always feel good and rarely get sick, because they are so fit & healthy. What’s your method?

Q : What’s the fastest way for me to lose some weight ?
A : There isn’t one. Well.. people say there is, but, what you can lose fast, you can also gain fast. The best method to losing weight fast, is to remember to focus on the fact that your improving your lifestyle. Lifestyle means, having regular fitness and good eating habits, forever, this way you keep that fantastic look, but also feel fantastic. You can’t work out hard for say 2 weeks, and hope things will work, and stay that way. So re-assess your goals, and remember.. Feeling great and looking good may be a short term goal, but it’s a long term commitment.

Q : Personal training is too expensive for me, what do you say to this..?
A : Money is always a challenge, and i understand this. What i say to people, are a few basic questions back, for them to decide what defines expensive and what value they put on their health and fitness.
– First of all, how much do you value your health and fitness & how high up the priorities list is it for you?
– How much would you be currently spending (on average per week) on lessor important things (compared to living expenses – food, bills etc) like cigarettes, drinking, drugs, alcohol, gambling, partying etc, and could be sacrificing money from these lifestyle habits to be used for personal training?
– If you could spend money on something like improving your health & fitness, and it gave you more energy, made you more productive, gave you motivation for other things in life, but it was fun & you enjoyed it.. would it seem a waste of money to you?
After these, and normally after trying out the 1st free session.. what seems expensive is only up to you, and why utilising a free session can help you make that choice.

Q : I have trouble finding the time ?
A : Unless you work a 60 hr week or more, we all have time. The best way to find time is write down what you do each day from Monday to Sunday and how long each activity takes. For Example – Breaky – 30 mins, Get ready for work – 30 mins, Drive to work – 10 mins, Work – 8 hours, Drive home – 10 mins, Dinner – 1 hr, Sleep – 8 hours.. So that equals 18 hrs 20 mins from 24 hours leaves you 5 hours and 40 mins of spare time.. Does this system help you?

Q : I go to the gym (or) I have a treadmill at home (or) I’ve tried a personal trainer before and it didn’t work..
what is it that makes you different ?
A : Always common feedback. I suppose what makes me different, is my unique approach to PT and my focus on fundamentals, simplicity and just basic logic. For my fundamentals, I believe in core strength, balance and simple, but correctly performed strength exercises. Next comes a big focus on what you put in your mouth, as the key to being fit & healthy is food, exercise can come easily, but the real challenge is our eating habits. Basically, I like to keep things simple, so workouts can be shorter, more fun, but equally as beneficial, if not more so than our regular routines. As far as the gym, treadmills or other PT experience goes.. All I can say is all 3 offer great benefits, but nothing can compare to the variety, accessibility and atmosphere of the outdoors. Buying an expensive machine for something you do everyday, everywhere i don’t normally endorse, but if it gets your exercising from nothing to something, then i consider it a good thing. Only some, other PT’s, can give the rest a bad name if trying radical things, not giving 100% to their clients, or possibly look unfit themselves, but like most things, until you try, you can’t tell. SO, i implore you that if you’ve had a bad experience, don’t let that paint a picture of what i offer, take advantage of the 1st session and then decide, if to you, I’m like every other trainer or I’m worth every penny 🙂

Q : I’m looking for a Personal Trainer on the Sunshine Coast, but may not be able to get to Coolum ?
A : That’s totally OK! I make myself available from NOOSA to CALOUNDRA, but only mainly use Coolum currently, do to it’s ‘centre of the coast’ nature, its facilities, and outstanding locations such as the beach and Mt Coolum etc. If you need me to come your way, just ask 🙂 !

More questions & facts coming soon..

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SIMON SAYS GURU QUOTE : 'having Purpose, provides you a path to follow, having None, in circles you will go..'
been awhile since I posted one of my guru rants, but after going to Japan, and seeing such purpose, effort & efficiency etc, it reminded me of Why do we do what we do..
Every motivational post you see these days, from amateur to professional speaker, really focus on the WHY.
If you do things without knowing the why, the question is why do you do it all? And if just 'because', or you 'like it', is it giving off the desired outcome, or are you simply going around in circles..?
Take Health & Fitness, seeing this is a page for that 😏 if you don't fully understand the why (of trying to be fit & healthy), or commit to it, honestly look at the notion of, are you just going in circles?
Train hard for a few days, then have a few bad days, eat bad, drink a bit, etc to only do the same thing, next week, the week after etc etc..
But imagine that cycle was instead you climbing a mountain and at the top was a once in a lifetime view, or maybe it's something more realistic, like building a house, that you can actually pay off, or saving for an amazing trip somewhere..
If you kept making the same errors and started again & again & again.. how would that make you feel about ever reaching that end outcome? Or even continuing with it at all?
Now, if you focused, really understood the PURPOSE of why you are going to do this thing, to get to this outcome.. the path to the outcome becomes so much clearer. It's like being handed a map, or even a map of a maze, and then the path was highlighted.. would you vere off that path, just because?
No chance!
I can admit, I was simply working, playing football, coming up with ideas that never happened, over & over for the last 20 years, I know how stupid that sounds. But only since about June 2017, when I decided, I'm going to Japan, so I'm booking this trip, and really focused on it & made it happen, did I realise having that purpose, also gave me drive, a reason to do what I do, a reason to go to work, and work harder, but the big part was understanding that reason, committing to it and believing in it.
Now, what's next? 😃
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SSPT 1st Session Back - It's Only Rain.. ... See MoreSee Less

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SSPT - I'm Back!! Let's Do This! ... See MoreSee Less

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5:00am & 6:00am at Surf Club Coolum
Boxing 🥊
*depending on numbers weather etc, we'll try box undercover, otherwise we'll still do a mixed session like we just did thu arv*
(comment if coming)
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5:30pm at Surf Club Coolum
Now.. with this rain, boxing may be a little difficult to find enough cover, BUT I'm still keen to run a Strength & Cardio mix for those who don't care about the rain.. 💪🤨
So, i'll bring boxing gear, but if it rains, we'll do something still..
(comment if coming)
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