Adversity is the lesson and challenge we need, today, tomorrow, and everyday!

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SIMON SAYS : We don’t do things because it’s Easy, we do them, because they’re Worth It!
Being healthy is worth it!
Being fit is worth it!
What they provide, is most definitely worth it.
But they take a little work.
They can become easier, but only after you learn, practice, and perfect.
LIFE, will never be ‘easy’, but always worth it. Even when it’s at it’s most difficult, it’s still worth it.
Because you will learn the value.
You will have an opportunity to learn something new.
IF it seems easy, you will be left unsatisfied. As quick as that easy thing became great, it will lose it’s appeal or value.
a difficult or unpleasant situation.”
Now as tough as adversity is to overcome sometimes, even the internet’s definition, doesn’t sound so bad..
“a difficult or unpleasant situation.”
That doesn’t mean impossible, just difficult.
If a flower, can grow through the harshest of conditions, you too can grow through the toughest times you will face.

That’s how we grow.
We acknowledge the problem. We understand the challenge.
So we learn the conditions, we adapt, we persist and we repeat this process, to grow and grow, until we come out the other side. In all our beauty.
A new, vibrant, more knowledgeable YOU.
We can’t let a situation, a challenge, or people in our life tell us “we can’t”..
They’re the weeds, trying to keep us amongst them, trying to stop us from growing taller, from shining brighter.
We must know we are capable. We must believe we can achieve.
We need to invite and to accept, adversity’s challenge.
It wants to teach us something, we can only learn, from experiencing hardship.
Once we learn how hard something is, then we can build the tools to overcome it.
How else, do you build tools to a problem..?
You learn by understanding the problem.
with Health & Fitness,

Most people don’t understand the right tools to being healthier and fitter, so try any means necessary. Any shortcut possible.
Problem here is, everyone’s challenge is different. You can’t simply use someone else’s tools.
You need to build your own. For your specific challenge.
Your Adversity :
For example, if it’s weight loss, and the problem is weight gain, you must learn, as hard as it is, to not eat, what’s been gaining you weight. To not drink alcohol (so much or at all), that’s been gaining you weight. That’s your challenge. The tools, are building healthy options that you can use daily, building habits that keep you from eating & drinking what you were, that were causing the weight gain. Adversity, could also be maybe not surrounding yourself (as much or at all) with those who live unhealthy lifestyles, always eating out, always going out drinking.. that’s a challenge.
BUT, you can overcome it, if you really want to grow!
There’s a million examples, or even a million ways I could use health & fitness, but the truth is this..
Adversity Makes Us!
Invite it, accept it’s challenge. 
It is an opportunity for you to learn, something about yourself you didn’t know.
To grow into something you know is there, you just haven’t the tools yet.

Someone who I love watching his videos for the inspiration to want to learn & grow myself, constantly is Les Brown. If you do anything right now, watch this video.
Les Brown


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